About The Artist
About The Artist
Discover art and technology studio ENESS, renowned for their transformational, interactive public art experiences across the globe.
Published 13 March
ENESS is a multi-award-winning art and technology studio, led by Artist and Founder Nimrod Weis. The studio has designed ground-breaking experiences for cultural institutions across the world for the last 20 years. 

ENESS creates interactive artworks that forge greater community connection in the public realm through joy and happiness. In this way, the studio collective consider themselves to be Happiness Architects. At the heart of all ENESS work is joyful, cross-generational connection. ENESS strives to change public space by introducing unexpected and surprising work that forges deeper moments between friends, family and community; even enabling strangers to meet and find common ground.

Founded in 1997, ENESS is a multidisciplinary team of creatives including artists, musicians, software engineers and industrial designers. Forerunners of new media art, ENESS has frequently broken new ground reinterpreting existing mediums and fusing them with technology to create never-before-seen executions. 

The studio has been commissioned to produce and install artworks worldwide for urban, commercial and cultural precincts; festivals, galleries and museums of modern art. 
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