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29 Sep
2 Oct
Sip & Plant - Terrarium Making with Photosynthesis
Enjoy an all inclusive terrarium making experience, while learning about the fantastic world of plants.

Enjoy an all inclusive terrarium making experience with Photosynthesis, while learning about the fantastic world of plants. 

Sip and Plant will feature a two hour terrarium building class where you can let your imagination fly, we provide the rest. Finish the class with your own beautiful work of art and all the skills to look after it.

No prior experience or knowledge is required to attend this workshop.


Thursday 29 Sep

  • 5.30pm – 7.30pm

Saturday 1 Oct

  • 12.30pm – 2.30pm
  • 4pm – 6pm

Sunday 2 Oct

  • 11.30pm – 1.30pm
  • 3pm – 5pm

WHERE: Ground Level, outside Myer & Kookai

COST: $60

Your two hour class includes:

  • All items and materials to create your terrarium are included in the ticket price. All terrariums will include a bonsai tree, decorative plants, rocks, moss, soil, designer vase, ropes, all the tools to build the terrarium.
  • Complimentary glass of bubbles and savoury snack to enjoy during class.

This is not a BYO event.

Meet the Photosynthesis team

Nice to meet you. We're Harry, Ale & Nacho. We are absolutely passionate about plants.

We started Photosynthesis in 2019 with a dream of turning what we love, into a business. After nearly 2 years of perseverance with no reward, thanks to the amazing support of our customers and followers, our dream is finally a reality.