CAMILLA | Rozendael Rendezvous

Discover CAMILLA’s latest collection inspired by the Netherlands.
Published 10 April
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Let’s escape into a fairytale for the day. Meet me by the fountain in the lost gardens of Kasteel Rozendael, where the hedges seem to curl their delicate fingers towards towers and turrets. 

We’ll be the bombshell baronesses of a modern monarchy, crowned in marble mosaics and 14th century pearls. Share our secrets with the grotto goddess, brave the trickster waters, then climb breathless and barefoot to the highest window in the tallest tower and leave our dewy footprints suspended in time. 

Shop the 'Rozendael Rendezvous' prints. 'Shell Games' immerses you in a vibrant coral world with delicate shells and golden accents. 'Dance With The Duke' mesmerizes with intricate patterns, while 'Grotto Goddess' exudes elegance with soft blush tones and stunning mosaics.


Sanne wears ‘Shell Games’, Kimono Sleeve Dress with Shirring Detail RRP $849.


Britney wears ‘Dance With The Duke’, Draped Jersey Pant RRP $599, pared with Draped Jersey Halter Top RRP $349 and High Low Hem Layer with Macrame Fringing RRP $799.

Shop the latest drop from the Wonderkind collection in store now.

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